Friday, June 01, 2007

bikers breakfast

Bike Week Breakfast this morning at Grassroots store in the Annex. They served vegan muffins, fancy juice, apple chunks and coffee. Biodegradable cups, organic ingredients, and smiles from cyclists! They're hosting another one next Friday at the Grassroots on the Danforth, and it's free!


Urban Vegan said...

Why can't everyone use biodegradable cups?

bazu said...

Woah- I was just going to say the exact same thing as Urban Vegan- why isn't the whole world switching to biodegradable?

Carla said...

I agree! The breakfast was at a store that sells enviro products, so they're conscious of that. Urban Herbivore, also here in Toronto, has biodegradable forks, they're made of corn that breaks down and they can go right in the compost. They're more expensive (in the short term!) than plastic. I think there should be deep discounts for people who bring their own cutlery and containers for take out.