Monday, March 17, 2008

Fire Starting Samphire Salad

Samphire is not the most common of ingredients, but it added an interesting and satisfying layer to a pear, lettuce and walnut salad base.

It can usually be found in the (yikes) seafood aisle of any well stocked grocery shop.

It must be soaked before using, but it is worth the extra labour.

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josh said...

I've never heard of that... what does it taste like?

Wheeler said...

I've seen samphire in the store, but I never would have thought to put in a salad!

missblueberry said...

Hey Josh - it tastes a little salty (much more salty before the plunging into water that it needs). It was a nice compliment to the sweet pears.

Hey Wheeler - give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Anke said...

hey, that basket in the corner is from IKEA, right? :-)

Carla said...

That's new to me too!