Saturday, August 15, 2009

yuca con mojo

Yuca with garlic and onion sauce, from Julie's Cuban restaurant, in Toronto.

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The Cooking Lady said...

I will be married to a Cuban coming up on 29 years this summer (2010). And I have an excellent and easy homemade vegan mojo sauce. Like Paula Deen says, simple stupid.

Get a small frying pan and heat about maaaybe 1/4 cup of olive oil on medium heat. Add sliced onions from about 1 small onion or 1/2 medium onion.

While the onion is sauteeing get about 3 cloves of garlic. You can sliver them or press them, we prefer to press them.

Then add the juice of 2 lemons and salt to taste. Pour this over your yucca and you are good to go.

I still prefer to pressure cook my yucca, for it is extremely dense and can take hours to cook normally.