Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Boardwalk Chocolates

Fabulous organic, vegan, and fair-trade chocolates from Boardwalk Chocolates in Toronto. Above: White Cashew & Cardamom, Peanut Butter Cloud & Marshmallow.

Other flavors: Coffee Cinnamon, Smoky Chipotle Chili, Sesame Banana, Lemon Anise, Almond Orange, Hazelnut, Gingerbread, Banana Split, Key Lime Pie, Cocoa, Lemongrass Ginger (personal favorite), Chocolate Mint, Lavender Chestnut, Dark Raspberry. Chocolate party with free samples this Thursday, for folks in Toronto!


Renate said...

These chocolates are amazing! The flavors actually taste as good as they sound. Even if you think the flavors sound strange, they really work well together.

Renate said...
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