Thursday, January 04, 2007

mushroom nut bake

mushrooms sauteed with olive oil and thyme, sandwiched between layers of chopped cashews, onions, garlic, and breadcrumbs


Melody said...

that looks so good..

also, reading back.. those potstickers look amazing and the picture is fabulous..

It's awesome that you can get good, vegan pizza..

madeinalaska said...

oh my.. what I wouldn't do to have a friend like you just around the corner.. so I could just ummm stop by about dinner time.. eh? you guys are eating good.. and ummm ya, I am w/ Miss Melody about the whole vegan pizza thing.. my goodness what I wouldn't do for some sort of dilavery in my neighbor hood ( we get non.. not even non vegan we are too far "out the road")
its really me.. ms. madeinalaska

Melissa West said...

What a great idea! DId you cook from a recipe, or could I re-enact this by putting together this and that from the kitchen. I am sooo hungry right now!

josh said...

Thanks! To be honest, I just put it together ad lib, so you could probably re-enact it as well as I. In retrospect I would've used something extra to bind the nut and breadcrumb layer together, probably just some flour and water/oil. Oh, and I forgot, I also added nutritional yeast to that layer, to give it some extra kick.
The easy availablity of vegan pizza is relatively new in New York too, so hopefully the trend will be spreading elsewhere...