Sunday, March 15, 2009

Khoreshe Fessenjan

A vegetarian version of the Persian dish Khoreshe Fessenjan (usually made with chicken). Roasted vegetables and tofu steaks served over a bed of saffron rice, with pomegranate-walnut-onion sauce. Thanks to POM Wonderful for providing a sample of the key ingredient. See recipe.


nora said...

thanks! from scrolling through you're recent posts, it looks like your a veg ethnic food expert! you make me feel so bland and, well, american! haha

Anonymous said...

interesting JOSH!

my gawd you're a world class traveler!

i def have to search for the recipe for this and make it when i have the time!


josh said...

The recipe really isn't that hard and it tastes so amazing - it's just a special mix of ingredients that makes the sauce so tasty. It's much better than it looks - the color is a bit gray, alas.

And Denise, you saw that I posted the recipe for it, right?

Anonymous said...

To the ppl reading this...I tried the recipe and it's good!

Two vegan thumbs up for this.

Try it or you will regret it!!!

Denise said...

oops I didn't mean to sign on as Anon...