Friday, February 10, 2006

pierogies with mushrooms and onion

pan-fried potato pierogies with sauted mushrooms and onion (with parsley, salt, and pepper)


helen said...

mmm.. did you make the perogies yourself or did you buy them? i just bought some frozen ones today.

josh said...

nah, they're just store-brought frozen pierogies... probably the same brand (Mrs. T's) you bought? really cheap and good though...

lonna said...

Mrs. T's pierogies contain egg (both the sauerkraut and the potato and onion kind). Is there another brand by you that is vegan? We miss pierogies since Health is Wealth stopped making vegan one.

josh said...

Shoot, I checked before and could've sworn they were vegan. But yeah, I just looked at the website and you're right, eggs are lurking at the end of the ingredient list. Sad. I don't know of any other brands that are vegan, but if anyone else has suggestions that'd be great...

josh said...

I just wrote to Mrs. T's to request that they make vegan pierogies and got this response. Maybe if enough people write them they'll take out the eggs...

Hello Josh,

Thank you for taking the time to contact Mrs.T's Pierogies. We do have Vegan Pierogies for sale but they are sold only in a foodservice size bag of 48 count in the Shop Rite stores.

Consumer Affairs

-----Original Message-----
From: Josh Lerner
Sent: Sunday, February 26, 2006 11:11 AM
Subject: vegan pierogies

Dear Mrs. T's,

Would you please consider removing the eggs from your potato and onion pierogies? Until recently I egularly purchased your pierogies, but I just found out that they contain a small amount of egg. Since they are not vegan I will no longer be purchasing them, but along with other vegans I would be very grateful if you could sell a vegan alternative. Since there is such a small amount of egg I suspect that the pierogies would be just as good without it, and more people would be able to buy them.

Josh Lerner