Friday, September 08, 2006

"Buddha's Duck" and Potato, Roasted Corn, and Bean Salad

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"Mock Duck" made with yuba (Chinese or Japanese "beancurd skin").

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Potato, Roasted Corn, and Bean Salad, a colorful and low-fat main-dish salad.

Posted by Bryanna


josh said...

wow, I'm impressed that you actually made mock dock at home... I always assumed this was an eat-out only option. and thanks for introducing a new food vocab word - I'd never heard "yuba" before

Marisol said...

Wow your Blog made me really hungry, LOL! I love to visit different blogs, I'm glad I came to yours....

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Enjoy your stay! Take care and God bless!


RL said...

I've seen this recipe a couple of places, and people seem impressed with it. The photograph certainly looks like duck! But my version seemed little transformed by the brushed-on liquid and cooking process, tasting almost exactly like a big pile of yuba sheets, and in fact falling apart back into those sheets as soon as I tried to cut it. I ate the crispy outside bits, but I couldn't finish the rest as it was. Am I doing something wrong? Or have the people who prasied this recipe's "meat-like" qualities just been away from animal products so long they simply don't know the difference? Help!