Friday, November 17, 2006

mint chocolate chip brownies

as requested, a non-gingerbread dessert... we made this for our recent chocolate party (mmm...)
see recipe


islandgirlshell said...

what's a chocolate party?! I need to have one of those! brilliant idea, chocolate mint brownies. gotta try this one.

josh said...

a chocolate party is just an excuse to have a party and have lots of chocolate at the same time :)

we had chocolate mole dip (with jicama and chips), the brownies, chocolate pie shakes, chocolate peanut butter cookies, chocolate marzipan martinis, mexican hot chocolate, and various other chocolate covered treats... and our guests brought tons more, so we still have an extra bag of chocolate that we're making our way through.

i'd highly recommend it to any other chocoholics!

Anonymous said...

and the recipe for the chocolate mole dip? with jicama? yum